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Pool Station

Specifically designed to provide a safe and secure environment for toddlers and young children learning to swim. By providing a raised pool floor, it gives young swimmers a greater sense of security as they practice and learn.


Built with you in mind

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Adjustable Height

Adjustable height legs ranging from 12-18 inches. This allows the platform to be customized to the height that's most comfortable and safe for your child, providing a greater sense of security as they learn to swim.

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Non-Skid Deck

Built with a non-skid deck, ensuring your child won't slip or fall while on the platform. This feature enhances the safety of the platform and allows your child to move confidently while learning to swim.

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Durable Construction

The frame is constructed of furniture-grade PVC, and the decking is made from durable, UV-protected polypropylene. This ensures a durable, clean, and professional look that can withstand harsh outdoor environments and last for many years.

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Lightweight Portable

Despite its robust construction, The Pool Station is lightweight, weighing approximately 68 lbs. This makes it easy to move and reposition in the pool as needed. Its portability allows for flexible use and easy storage when not in use, making it a convenient tool for swim training at home.